Como Park is the site of the World Championships Finals,
Weekend Public Participation Events, and Entertainment

Como Park

We urge you to bring your family and friends out for a weekend of flying fun!

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Along with amazing facilities and championship course layout, the natural amphitheater will allow spectators and media a clear view of the world's best disc golfers, celebrities, disc sport demonstrations, and the numerous public participation activities as well.

Read on to find out what makes Como Park such a special place. All of the following activities can be enjoyed and accessed by 2.3 miles of paved trails surrounding the disc golf course area. (see map below)

Como Conservatory     From its beginnings in 1913, Twin Cities residents have referred to St. Paul's Como Park Conservatory as the jewel in the crown of Como Park. The glimmering glass and aluminum Victorian building is home to a huge variety of plants, flowers and cultural activities. Nearly half a million visitors a year enjoy the color and warmth of the Conservatory. The large glass-domed botanical garden features five seasonal flower shows annually, tropical plants, bonsai collection, 64' palm dome, fern room and gallery featuring local youth artists. Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Como Ordway Japanese Garden     The Como Ordway Memorial Japanese Garden is landscaped in the Sansui mountain-and-water style. The focal point is a pond and waterfall. Glacial rock form the skeleton of the garden. Each rock was carefully placed according to design traditions developed through centuries of practice, and positioned in such a way that suggests having been there since the beginning of time. Japanese garden art is filled with cultural symbols, literary allusions, and Buddhist and Shinto icons. But it is the peace and harmony of the gardens that are best understood and appreciated.

Como Lake     Trails - 1.67 miles of paths surround the lake. Fishing - the Department of Natural Resources reports excellent bass fishing at Como Lake with some success catching walleyes. Boats - Only cartop-carried boats are allowed on the lake. Only electric trolling motors are allowed on City lakes. The Como Lakeside Pavillion features include a full-service restaurant, bike and paddleboat rentals. Concerts and plays are offered regularly throughout the summer.

Como Pool     Features open swim, water aerobics, lap swim and a state-of-the-art wading pool.

Como Zoo     Como Zoo is a FREE zoo located in Como Park. Large Cats: This building houses the Siberian tigers, African lions, snow leopards and cougars. Wolf Woods: Eastern Timber wolves are displayed in a natural wooded site. Waterfowl Area: This exhibit displays a wide variety of native waterfowl and two species of flamingos. Bears: Three species of bear, the Kodiak, the Grizzly and the Polar Bear are represented at Como Zoo. Hoofed Barn Stock: This exhibit currently features bison, mountain goats and African crowned and demoiselle cranes. Aquatic Animals: A polar bear, penguins, puffins and Minnesota fish are found in this building. Harbor seals and sea lions are displayed here during the winter. This is also the site for the sea lion show. African Hoofed Stock: This facility displays greater kudu and sable antelope, Grevy's zebras and a number of reticulated giraffes. Seal Island: A summer display, the island is home to pelicans, harbor seals and sea lions. Fish may be purchased here, but feed only the animals on Seal Island. Primates: This modern facility features seven different primate species, including gorillas and orangutans, which can be seen in their outdoor displays during the summer months. Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Como 18-Hole Golf Course     Opened as a nine hole course in 1929, a second nine holes was added in 1932. In 1986 the course was closed and a complete re-design of the course was achieved. The new course opened in 1988. A new clubhouse and a new cart storage facility were included in the project. Como is a short hilly course - 5980 yard, par 70. Full concession bar, pro shop.

Carousel     The carousel was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Factory and delivered to the Minnesota State Fair in 1914. There are 68 hand carved horses. Each horse is unique, and restored to the original factory paint. $1.50 rides last approximately 4 minutes.

O'Neil Amusement Rides     Hours - 10:30 am - 8:00 pm. Located South of the Zoo.

Mini Golf     Open seven days a week in the summer, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Map of Como Park Campus