Minnesota Majestic Organization Committee

Tournament Director
Matt Koerner

Executive Board
Jim Johnson / Lee Rife / Rich Hart / Chuck Kennedy

Lee Rife


The first sections of this document describes the organizational structure of the MM2000 committees including how the various members are selected for office, the terms under which those offices are held.

The second half describes the project management processes that will be used to design and deliver the tournament.

Leadership Structure

The MM2000 efforts will be overseen by an Executive Committee in consultation with an Advisory Board and appointed Committee Heads.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be comprised of five members of the of the Minnesota Disc Golf community.

The Executive committee will meet monthly and will bear the primary responsibility for the planning, organization, and running of the tournament in coordination with the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA - World organization) which has sanctioned the 2001 Pro Worlds tournament to Minnesota. Minutes of each meeting will be kept, published to the advisory board and committee heads, and summaries published in the MFA Floater.

The Executive committee in pursuit of its responsibility will retain direct control of those activities which it determines to be key to mission fulfillment and which require immediate executive communication for decision response. This will include organization planning and control, mission communication, and tournament directorship. Certain Executive members may also become Committee Heads or become the Executive with whom a Committee Head interacts.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will consist of recognized Minnesota Disc Golf leaders as well as at large recognized world Disc Golf leaders as may be invited or removed by unanimous consent of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will share its considerations with the Advisory Board, soliciting consultation.


A number of committees will be staffed, each of which will be focus on a different aspect of planning and executing the MM2000. Committee Heads will be designated by the Executive Committee and will serve at the pleasure of the committee. Anyone on the Executive or Advisory boards may be appointed to serve as a committee head.

Committee Heads

Committee Heads will be invited by the Executive Committee to manage the several areas of responsibility required for successful presentation of the MM2000. These responsibilities will be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with its Advisory Board. Each Committee Head will manage several volunteers, working with the Executive Committee in receiving directives and MM2000 status changes, and reporting progress at determined intervals. Removal of a Committee Head or reorganization ofthe committe structure will be at Executive Committee discretion.