Soehnstetten, Germany

The 1996 "World's Biggest" & Course Grand Opening !
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Saturday, May 11th in the foothills of The Bavarian Alps I played 12 fun-filled hours of golf with the nicest group of "former strangers" I have ever met. It was the opening day for the new 12 hole course. The day began at 6:00 am in Munich, Germany where Jeff Blount and I were staying with his friends Udo Kern and Sabine Kinsey (the european ddc champs). The four of us drove the 2 groggy hours to the course thru a light mist, but with shining spirits! As we arrived to a nearly empty parking lot we had no idea of what to expect. Within minutes it was apparent that we were all in for a special treat! The entire group of golfers and "soon-to-be-golfers" were initially entertained by a traditional brass band, toasts and a speech by the town's mayor. Throughout the day of golfing the wonderful cooks in the Clubhouse (I can't say enough!) provided roasted pork, hot german potato salad, rolls, an incredible selection of deserts and an equally impressive selection of beers, wines, scnapps, coffee, tea and cider for use in participating in the numerous "Prosts" required throughout such a festive day. As you will see from the map below and the photos, the course plays along, down, around and up a ski hill that overlooks a valley on one side and the rooftops of the picturesque town on the other.

The happy travelers and the festivities.
Jurgen's letter - "From the Organizer"
Course Map
Photos from the course.
Putters - young and younger.

Hole 5 is the "signature hole" for the course.
One of the most incredible "driving holes" I've ever had the pleasure to play.
It's over 200 meters long, playing over the valley from near the top of the ski hill.