Ultimate - A Brief Description

Basically the game combines the best aspects of football, soccer, basketball and frisbee. It is played on a football type field with two 25 yd. deep end zones, 70 yds. of playing field and 40 yds. wide. There are seven players on each team on the field, one team starts on offense and the other starts on defense. The teams line up in their respective end zones and the defense kicks off (pulls) to the offense. The offensive team receives the disc and works it up field via passing to another player. Once the disc is caught, the player cannot run with it, a pivot foot must be established much the same way as basketball and the disc can be passed in any direction to another teammate. Like soccer there are no downs and play is continuous. The offense continues to pass the disc until it has been caught in the endzone by one of their players resulting in a score or one point (like a touchdown in football).

The defense runs down the field and sets up on the offense on the pull. There is no intentional contact allowed and fouls are called. The defense may block the disc once it leaves The hand of the offensive player. The defense plays either zone or man to man and once the disc is blocked, intercepted, thrown out of bounds, or hits the ground defense switches immediately to offense and starts to advance the disc to their endzone. Like soccer play goes back and forth up and down the field with teams switching from offense to defense until a point is scored. Once the defense sets up on an offensive player a stall count is initiated and the defense starts a ten-second count out loud if the disc has not been thrown by the utterance of ten a stall is called the disc is turned over and defense switches to offense.

There are no referees and fouls, travels, stalls, picks and other infractions are called by the players and mediated between the parties on the field. The game is governed by the concept of the Spirit of the Game basically sportsmanship and respect.

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